Vernissage at Kloster St.Urban


Art-st-urban and International Art Bridge present an exhibition of four artists from Switzerland and Germany. Exhibited in the foyer, the baroque staircase and in the hallways of the monastery of St. Urban, the contemporary art positions evoke an exciting contrast to the almost 1000-year history of the monastery of St. Urban.

Marlis Spielmann
Giulia Wyss
Gabriele Poehlmann
Rhea Standke

touching the soul of the viewer.

The themes and design of the paintings by the four artists are deliberately chosen to be very different, as are their color schemes. Because only the color creates a power that also breathes energy into us and awakens feelings.
The «4 color worlds» arouse emotions that were partly forgotten and now want to be lived anew. Polarities are shown as well as bonds.
The hidden becomes visible and the visible shows us the future.

Vernissage, November 3, 7 p.m